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We are growing quickly and want you on our team! Check this page frequently for new opportunities to join us in building a sustainable wate management system for Loudoun and Fairfax Counties.

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Part-time compostable collection driver - Middleburg

Full Job Description
Worm Works LLC is a company based out of Sterling Virginia that provides drop-off and curbside pickup services for families and businesses in Loudoun and Fairfax County. We collect food waste and other compostable materials and compost them for our subscribers. Each of our subscribers, if they are interested, can claim 5 gallons of compost to be delivered right to their door for free. We are a social enterprise focused primarily on creating a more sustainable and environmentally enriching waste management system while valuing our workers as much as we can. 

This means that environmental stewardship is our number 1 priority. Second, to this is worker compensation and fair working conditions which we hope to be able to continuously improve on as we grow and have greater access to resources to reward our workers. Third, is a reinvestment of all profit into expanding so that we can provide our service to more families and businesses in order to divert more waste from the landfill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
and improve Virginian soil.

We are looking for a driver to help us collect this waste from our subscribers in Middleburg, Aldie, and the surrounding South Loudoun area. This is a part-time job that should take no more than 2 hours per week. We are a young, growing, and bootstrapped company so if you are interested in working more than 2 hours per week with us, we have plenty of work to go around to continue the process of building an alternative waste management system in our community.

We will provide you with an android phone that is compatible with our routing app. It has very limited data, so it can only be used during pickups. This phone helps to make the routing and pickup process as easy and seamless as possible for you!

An average workday would start with you clocking in and recording your starting odometer reading on your company phone before you begin driving to Gathering Springs Farm in Middleburg which is the farm where we do our composting. You will pick up empty/clean 5-gallon buckets from the farm, and then begin your route by driving to the pickup location of the first subscriber on the list - usually their home. You will pick up their sealed bucket full of food waste and other compostable materials which will be left outside in front of their house, place it in your vehicle, and then leave them an empty bucket for them to fill up for the next week. You will repeat this process at each subscriber’s home or business. Once you have gone to all of the locations on your list, you will return to Gathering Springs farm where you will drop off all of the sealed buckets that you have collected! When you arrive home after this, you will clock out and record your final odometer reading. This allows us to accurately pay you for the time and mileage that you have driven

- Starting pay at $15/hour + $0.57 per mile driven. You are paid for every minute/mile from the moment you leave your home. Raises will be given as the route matures and we gain more subscribers. For each route, this typically comes out to $200 per month per route driven.

- Free composting for you and your family.

- You will be paid as a 1099 contractor every other week.

- You will be provided a tarp to ensure that your car stays entirely clean.


Driver requirements:

- needs a personal vehicle, preferably something larger that a sedan as most sedans can only fit ~7 of our buckets in their trunk space at a time.

- needs to be available for a ~2 hour span on Wednesdays. Drivers choose their own time frame to work on Wednesdays, so it is extremely flexible around any schedule.

- needs to be able to pick up buckets weighing about 20 lbs.

How to apply:

Please email George at with:

- Your name

- Email/phone number

- The personal vehicle you are considering using

- Your availability on Wednesday

- A short paragraph about why you are interested in this position!